ALSPRAY Acrylic Touch Up Paint

Alspray | Almighty Industries
  • ALSPRAY Touch up paint is the answer for quick & easy on-site repairs and elimination of costly rework. We understand how important it is for your touch up seamlessly blend in with your original coating.
  • High-Quality paint is used to give good coverage, at a nominal cost per sq inch and often feature a fan spray nozzle for the desired spray pattern. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for, this holds true for aerosol paints too. We are committed to producing true value for money product &are in the business since 2005.
  • Used In
  1. Cars, it’s PP Door Trims and all other parts
  2. Motor Bikes and its parts
  3. TVs, computer terminals.
  4. Refrigerators, Washing M/Cs & Air conditioners
  5. All kinds of machinery & Equipment
  6. Office Furniture & Window Frames
  7. Gensets, Control panels
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